Thursday, 27 March 2014

PLKN (National Service)

ID Trainee 477 was graduated from Batch 1 Siri 11/2014 

in Kem Tanaki, Tambunan.

(5 January 2014 - 18 January 2014)

As my heading can see, I am finally done with National Service. I guess most of the blogger or people would love to know how's life in National Service. SO HERE I AM POSTING THIS HEHE. 

My thoughts; To be honest, I am really suffer for the first two weeks. As I said in my previous post, I am pampered. So for me to stay in National Service for 3 months is not that easy. In the first 2 weeks, I slept hard bed, the food disgusts me, the tiring activities, the heavy eyebags & restless days, the annoying sunshine & trainer and etc. I can't bare with all of these & the hardest thing is, I miss my home. Once I wonder, "What if I study in west Malaysia? (I live in east Malaysia) Or overseas? Will it be more suffer?"
But then, I'm slowly getting used to it. It slowly looked "okay" to me. Day by day, I past it with counting down days back home. At last, day before home, feeling happy yet feeling reluctant to part. I'm pretty sure everyone feels the same too. No matter how bad the camp you stayed, you will still missed it. I am now. I mean, no I wouldn't want to go back but still the memories there had stayed in my heart. The moment that are sweet, bitter, hard, sad, or whatever, I miss all of them. Especially you had known a bunch of new friends, from different places & different races. You miss it more. 

I cried on the last day. Indeed, heartbreaking to separate with friends, even we only knew each other for 3 months. Especially to the KL-ians. We kinda knew a lot that were from Kuala Lumpur. They started to cry so badly when they soon getting up to bus, & we followed. That freeze moment, everyone falls into the sea of bitterness. Can you even imagine? Datang dengan paksaan, pulang dengan kenangan. (You came here with forced, you go back with memories.) It just looks like a dream, you came here to get used to everything & meet new friends, and you have to leave & separate with all of these, like you never been there before. And what sad thing is I didn't get to send the KL-ians in airport. What done is done. 

And well, National Service indeed made me grow a lot, in many ways. I can't really describe what I had change but I can feel that I am. That feeling have to be experienced by yourself. Those who didn't get to join NS is a waste, & those who haven't join, you better join it now HAHA. Don't worry, it won't hurt, the first month might be hard but soon you will get used to it & meet more friends!

 Question: Is it the....
Answer: yes, every clothes they provided are all too big for me.

 This cost me RM12. Yes I played M16.

 Fyi, Kem Tanaki,Tambunan is the coldest camp in Sabah/Malaysia (idk). It is very good since it is not that hot compared to another camp. & they provide sweater.

 Kompeni Charile
 We stick together always. No matter we are in camp or out of camp, we always being together. They are my life sweetener. I'm glad that we got into the same camp together. 

 (low quality picture sorry.) Since it's the last day, Claudia & I decided to combine our bed together! so we woke up by looking at each other face. creepy much. HAHA.

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"Thank you PLKN, for everything."

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