Tuesday, 8 April 2014

the Island.

Hello everybody! 2th of April which is the last wednesday, I went to the Pulau Sapi (Sapi Island) w friends. If you live in Sabah, Malaysia you probably know that the islands are one of the attractive places. So same goes to the local citizens, we like to go to island but we don't like sunbathing like the white people do because we are dark enough ha-ha.

6 people in total, 3 boys & 3 girls (including me hehe). We went to the jetty (jesselton) to buy the speedboat tickets which cost RMY23.60 and we paid RMY15 for the snorkeling set. We went there on 9am something.

Pulau Sapi is the smallest island among the three islands (there are another two; Pulau Mamutik & Pulau Manukan). I only went to Pulau Manukan for once and it is the biggest island furthermore it provides resort for you to stay overnight. Well, I am quite disappointed for Pulau Sapi because uhmm.. it is indeed too small. hehe. BUT it was fun since you go with a bunch of friends heh. But oh well, I still preferred you to go Pulau Manukan & btw the sea water is cleaner.

OH OH & btw i saw rainbow fish omg so cool ya know! i didnt get to tick picture under the water because i'm not dare to take my camera into the sea (even it is waterproof ha ha)

Here are some photos, enjoy x!

#ootd to jetty! Ps. the hat, it makes me look like i am bald. 

on the speed boat!

#ootd the snorkeling set

we met the wild pig on the island. The mommy pig bring along few piglets.

#ootd on the island

Dear readers who want to travel to Sabah, Malaysia;

You can ask me anything about the islands. e.g, the facilities, the price, the water sports & etc. Kindly contact me by email: jun09076@hotmail.com or drop in chatbox. :) 

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  1. omg you and your friends look so adorable together ahhh!~ http://idksupriya.blogspot.com/ x