Sunday, 2 February 2014

New year x


I am age 18 for this year. Unluckily, for me, I was selected for National Service, batch 1 in Tambunan, Sabah. But then I am lucky to be selected in Tambunan because the weather there is quite cold especially for night and early morning & I have few best friends going to the same camp! I am really happy to be selected for NS since I don't really like marching or whatever standing under the sun. Yes, I am pampered, I have to admit. I used one week to fully accepted the fact to live in a place, that food are not really delicious (sorry not sorry), cold water bath, smaller cupboard, harder bed & special species of insects (omg). It is a place that totally different compared to my home.  The schedule for one day (in weekdays) was very pack. You don't even have the time to daydream ya know. Another way, I have to accept the fact I am grow up. NS is an experience, that any other camp would not provide the same experience. I had stayed there for 1 month & 1 month was past. & there's still 1 and a half month waiting for me. *sobs* I can't really describe "fun or not" in NS now, since everyone said the best activity is in the second month. So I will post about NS soon! (When I get back from there!) and so are pictures! 

By the way, why am I blogging now? I am on holiday! Benefit to be in batch is that we have a 1 week holiday! Because of Chinese New Year! I don't really enjoy celebrating this year since everything is in rush! But I still get to hang out with all of the beloved :D I lost weight in the camp but then I gained back to my home T.T

Pictures and photos will be in the next post, and the next post will be after 2 months *sobs* bye peeps! 

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