Thursday, 24 March 2016

achievement 1

My achievement today:

I woke up late as I expected to wake up around 8 or 9. Failed; slept back. Made breakfast myself; typically just rotting the whole morning after i woke up.

My skin care gone bad; too dry. I really don't know how should I fix it. I'm currently using Ezarre (forgot how its spelling) cleanser, H+ toner + Simple toner, Innisfree orchid series moisturizer and melilea sunblock! My main problem now is 1) too dry 2) pores. My face is better now with pimples as compared before. (touchwood plz). I wanted to try Innisfree green tea series as its reviews was the bomb man. Also i really want to try taking mask everyday.

I registered with; I requested to be an Editor (well, writer in simplified). I can write all i want; any thing, any topic, and i get to paid for it yay! I was soooo into finding way to earn money (in a good way of coz).

Then I worked out. Blog today because I want to keep track on my work out plan and things i do so i wouldnt rot again. ha-ha.

I did some stretching and then this^, from facebook and an app called 7minutes stuff. I always save link from internet and till the time i want to work out, i dig them out and follow! Internet isn't always bad :3 

Friday, 11 March 2016



My new year resolution had been delayed way too long.......... but i really want to set my goal for this year. 


yeap, i swear for this time, im gonna lose all those fucking fats from my body. Targeting to 45kg for my height because i saw it somewhere from internet saying 45kg-43kg for 154cm is the gold standard. so let's hope for the best. I have been really hardcore working out for the past week. (period times so i stopped for now lol gastric pain i cant stand) I swear no matter what even if im busy i will just do a 15 mins workout at least. and i can see working out everyday for a whole week do really make some effect :3 at least my belly is flat now. JUST THAT MY THIGH AHHHH. if any of you have any really effective work out to share with me pleaseeeeee share. im a helpless and really want to slim down kid. ok great move on now.


I pray to God this is really important for my entire life. I didnt really do well last semester. and it kinda put me into depression till the point i want to start working instead of studying. I want to give up. But i wont of course. I wouldnt want to make my parents feeling shameful. They are the reason and motivation that i have to keep moving and fighting. I HAVE TO. So next sem, please 3.5.


Hopeless kid needa pick all the pieces up and gather them together so..... i will not be a  kid anymore lol. yeah i need to gather myself up. in EVERYTHING. 


Apparently i really started try to how to cook. Im a girl that cant cook f. so no i will learn to cook until i can cook a table of dishes. YAY. and bake. hmm.


This is a BIGGGGG challenge because im lazy. i want to improve myself till a point i at least know every basic thing in every area. I always have a point that woman's charm are based on their intelligent and intelligent are not to be proved by a diploma, degree, master or whatsoever certificate. That's how everyone think. The thought of everyone having a freaking expensive certificate and hence thinking they are a level up to the others. ridiculous. Everyone is equal. 


Basically a point that strengthen the previous point lol ha. But also a very important point.


Not sure if i can do this in this year. But i really want one!


Not only meet them, and actually become a friends with them! im a really awkward person when i meet stranger, i dont know what to say how to communicate. Its not like i dont want to be friend with them it just idk what to do. sob sob how? :( 


Whatever is it, trying to earn more money for my living expense... and look, i found ways; building up my business, started connect with others.

Doing this since 2014, it might be a little late, but late is better than nothing. You dont wish your time spending on people not important than people who are important to you right?

No much explanation. Im doing some things that improving myself. (confusing yeah.... but it's ok.... I, myself understand...)

i guess thats all for now. to be add on?

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Random thoughts

This is purely just to update stuff i have been through i guess.

So firstly, this is a very sad news. My hometown, Sabah happened to have a 6.0 earthquake on 5th of June. It happened in a small town called Ranau which very near to Mount Kinabalu. This causes landslide on Mount Kinabalu. The trail way back down the Mountain was damaged. Several standard climbers were stuck on the top. Also, this tragedy causes few deaths. (It's like a mini report lol.) but this is VERY SAD TO ME. Because 1) i am not in Sabah as i am now in Penang for my further studies 2) I cannot experienced what Sabahan is experiencing, and also my safety of my family members & friends. I can only got the news through Facebook, Twitter & whatsapp. This tragedy also showed that how united Sabahan were. (BOLEH BAH KALAU KAU!) but also showed the conflicts between West & East Malaysian. (some) Not to step on the others' back, but y'all will know if once you stepped in Sabah. I can tell you will meet people who are Chinese but don't know how to speak Chinese, and Malay/Kadazan/Dusun who knows how to speak chinese fluently! Seriously.
(guess that's boring so let's move on)

I AM GRADUATING SOON. Well, I mean from foundation in Science. (woohoo i guess?) but soon stepping in degrees. *sigh* I finished my last day in foundation last Friday. I'm having my study breaks for a week now. And no, my study mood isn't on yet so far.

In the other hand, I am trying to improve myself. *BIG SMILE* Here I am to share my ways to improve myself:

1) READ MORE; I buy books now. "Smart is the new sexy." this never lost on trend. I guess we all need to read more to expand our knowledge, creativity, and skills. They said when you read more, you will have a wider perspective and I can feel that! So... I've been reading boring books lately, like Rich Dad Poor Dad, Steal Like an Artist, The Secrets (this is super boring, for me) But i found that the other 2 were pretty interesting. Rich Dad Poor Dad teaches me on financial knowledge & i think we seriously need to know this as early as possible. Well and Steal like an Artist expands my creativity. I kinda like this because, well, i like art & drawing!

And also, I started to follow & subscribe to pages about fashion, makeup, and things i should learn on Facebook & Wechat. Mostly about fashion & clothing because i wanna make myself stylish. *wink wink*

2) SOCIAL NETWORK; Not much different lol but hey check out my instagram! (ig: vvljy_ ) It's not #feedgoal but well it's nice, i guess. jk, follow me please. xoxo

3) LEARN NEW THING; I'm now having a list of to-do since i'm having my holiday soon. Not revealing here yet until my holiday starts. I will reveal it here once I started doing them. (Hints appearance & adventure.)

COMMENTS BELOW; tell me what thing you think i should try & learn!
Bon Voyage! back to study now. *I cry*

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