Sunday, 1 December 2013

end of high school

*tick tock tick tock*  time is wasting in your life. 


I AM FINALLEEEYYY GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL!! I feel happy & sad at the moment.  Recall on that day, the event went on as we took the gown from the multimedia room and went back to our class to have a change and also putting the decoration on ourselves, RIBBON HEH (AND ITS GOLD, THANKS TO OUR MONITOR). We have a group photo of our class on our "lovely area" which is the staircase area urgh we hang out there a lot. AND WE RUSH TO THE HALL. Took a sit and the celebration started. ANDDDD the principal gave speech & adult gave speech & old people gave speech (lol) & the Best Student gave speech. I admit that when the time The Best Student giving speech, i felt tears rolling in my eyes. *sobs sobs*  so then every student have to go up to the stage to shake hand with old people and took a photo. We are the forth class (4/9, science stream). I was so much more nervous compared to the rehearsal. oh my but then everything went well. After every class went up, we photo-bombing all around the hall. 

Thanks to my parents that they attended my graduation. Thanks to my boyfriend accompany all around & he gave me a bouquet of flowers & some little things (feeling loved). Thanks to every of my friend gave me the best memories in these five years. *HUGS HUGS EVERYONE*


Pictures above are the highlight of the day. Not much to say, just then I had a lot of fun that day. (heart sank for separated *sobs*)

I have spent very well in these five years, with joy & tears. You can never forgot the secondary school life. As they said, it is bitter than primary school life but then it is so much sweeter than the society. Secondary school life is the last joyful before you step in the society. To every junior, do not waste your time on changing yourself just to fit in to the society or to fit in the now trending. YOU WILL REGRET & not necessary. We are too young. My advise, do whatever makes you happy & STAY WEIRD.

p.s: To me, SPM IS NOT OVER YET HAHAHA. I still left chinese subject, THE VERY LAST ONE. Back to study now! Enjoy your days & happy December x


  1. Hey Vivian! Just wanted to tell you that I happily nominated you for the Liebster Award! xx If you haven't been nominated before , I do hope you participate, stay fab! :D x Here its is xx
    Great post btw, it really inspired me to stop hating everything I see in secondary school and start savouring the little that I have left haha, you're so pretty btw IM SO JELLY RN hahaha xx

    1. omg yes yes you should really cherish everything in secondary school or else you gonna miss it afterward! like what i did now :'(

  2. congratulations on you graduation :) mine is next year, stressful yet excited!

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