Saturday, 19 October 2013

the growing up path

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I do really miss blogging, taking pictures, but then I am really really busy for the school stuff and it's killing me. I am now using my mini tiny iPad to update blog instead of laptop (I am so busy yet very lazy) So yeah I grab a picture which I really like. Well, for me the picture is like I packed a little luggage and go for a individual travel. Yes I like that thing. 

Okay back to the TOPIC. the "growing up" path. I pretty sure every adults experienced this. I am now a form 5 student which I am gonna graduate so soon (less than 1 month) and now, I am feeling that strongly upset feeling. I don't want to graduate, I don't want to grow up. i don't want to grow up. My convocation is in less than 6 days. I am going to wear on the graduation gown to end my high school life. How sad. All those ups and downs in high school, the tears, laughter, hardworks, regrettable, fun, drama, classmates & friends. (Not mentioning teachers bc they are all so mean well except some of the teachers in senior year, like PW, LTS, LKL or TPL (?) now guess people! Hahaha) 

I had a bad times in high school, like being a bad student having trouble around. I am glad some people took me back in a right way, lucky. Those are the regrets. Ah, programme after PMR (form 3 students sit for this test right before going to form 4) was really nice. I don't know the others but for me, I hang out with lots of friends and I am really happy. 

The senior years, I am lucky that I have the adorable classmates, they are so cute and no drama, no argument, no hating, we are just hanging out together so peaceful and with laughter, all I can describe about them is < adorable > we aren't those kind of people that have high popularity, we are just we, we are being so weird all the times. I am blessed to have them in my senior years. 

I am being so upset and emotional lately, I don't want to leave all of these. Visualizing on the graduation day.. I bet I do cry on that day. 

Some readers might fall in confused I'm so sorry. Oh well, peeps now excited for my "graduation day" post! Gonna back to the books! Pray for me xx 

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