Tuesday, 8 January 2013

the start of something new

Photo above clearly note that there's 5 person birthday in January and thats me and all my besties!! And maybe we are planing how to celebrata OUR birthday :P

2013, grand new year. how terrible is this, i'm already 17 years old (after few more days.) so old... and i can't learn driving because my dad not allowed me toooooooo :( when that moment everyone is discussing about the exam of learning car, i kept quiet.. HOW PITY :( nvm after SPM then.. *sigh* well, in the positive way, all of my friends became my driver yay!

2 Jan 2013, it was the first day of school, still, same classmates. I love my classmates, they are so cute ngaww. and also, same teacher, *sigh* some are ok.. but some not. urgh. so, here come the year of SPM for me. I AM SO NOT READY FOR IT YET. During the holiday, Biology chapter 1,2,3 are the only things i've read. I'm so dead, *feeling so guilty* so why did I choose science stream at first? whyyyy? nah for my future hah.

So, this is SOME of my goal for this year. Keep fit hahahahaha so impossible but i wish that i can.. I started went to jog everyday (if there's no tuition at night) and then started to control..not..feeding..myself..that...much. SPM, if i'm able to get good marks in SPM, I'm going to a good university for sure. So.. that's one of my target, getting great marks. and then blah blah blah started to note everything down because i'm not good at remembering things hahaha so yeah. and blah blah. 

so hey! this is the first post of 2013. 
May all of you have a blessed year. May God bless you, you, you, and you you you. xoxo. love you.


  1. Wow,I'm surprised to know that you're only seventeen another few more days.I thought that you're older than me...I'm 18 this year and officially finished my SPM.Many of students really excited to finish their school,just like what I feel before.But,believe me,school years are the best years throughout your whole life.You'll gonna miss your school,friends and teachers or even foods sold at canteens.So,make every second of your life at school worthy :) Best of luck to you :D

    1. hahahah yeah i just turn 17 years old. :p do i look that old? :( hahaha nvm it's ok ;) yes, I'm gonna make my last senior year in school amazing. hahaha i'll miss the foods sold at canteen after graduate yeah even though now i feel that foods sold in school is not healthy :p so you working now? yeah thank you! best luck to you too. :D