Friday, 4 January 2013

Part 11: Journey

what i decided to post about my December holiday:
Part 1: dropping a post and say hello because of my absent of one month!
Part 2: Photos of me and my family had traveled.

So as you can see, my previous blog post was just saying hello. (and to spend time in hk airport! hehehehe)
And then, here come this post, is about some places I've visited when I'm in China and HK, (picking some special place, not all) 

photos above:
1. Group photo
2. A photo of me with Beijing Scitech
China, Beijing Scitech.
Daddy bring us to a street that full of branded shop, Beijing Scitech, and there's having discount everywhere wow. There's one street like this that very well-known in Paris, i forgot it's name.. nvm! i bought a jacket from E-land/Teenie Weenie and it's only cost RM24! cheaaaaaap! i was like omgee.. how amazing is this price.. heh. so yeah i just bought that and my family bought something too!

photo above:
1. A photo of me that i sat at somewhere which way far from 大三巴 ( da san ba)
2. A photo of 大三巴 (da san ba)
3. A photo of The Venetian
I stayed in Hong Kong for 3 days (i think so). The second day I stayed there, my family bring me to Macau by ferry! which they went but i haven't -_- and i accidentally went in to the casino for a little while because the bus direct sent us to the hotel's casino. COOOOL. hehehehe. then we walked to the 大三巴 (da san ba) ( idk what's that called in English sorry) and then we onnomnomnom and keep on capturing pictures. NEXT, The Venetian, IT IS SO HUGE OMG AND SO PRETTY LIKE PALACE MYGOD and the mini Venice (?) (my own description) we took our lunch there! Portugal style lunchhhh. yummy.

so if there anyone interested in these place, you can ask me through email or any social website! :)
so this is it, i'll be rushing for the next post and it will be the first post of 2013 ( this post is the last post for 2012)
Stay tuned! xoxo

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