Monday, 21 January 2013

spreading happiness

ALOHA! This is a post about my recently event. I have officially turn 17 years old on the 12th of January 2013. By celebrating my birthday and my friend's too, we made a party, a pool party. The party is on 12 Jan, is exactly my birthday as well. We have invited all the close friends, (mostly my school classmates lol) (and yeah, my friends are mostly boys...) I didn't plan to have any games or whatsoever because they can get hyper all by themselves, so yeah it came all what I expected. me le genius. \m/ 

I'm here to mention all the people I appreciated: Melanie, Claudia, Doon Yie, Joanna, Monkey, Jonathan, Alan, Seth, Samuel, Lai, Trini, Chloe, Ray, Ching, Ricky, Harry, Bryan, Danny, Chua, Law Jen Sun, Andre, Chester.  sorry that some people i didnt invite, I still love you guys ok? muah! 
Picture above: My soul sisters.
From left to right: Melanie, Claudia, ME :3 , Doon yie, Joanna. 
Soul sisters. Our friendship will last forever I swear :')

3 Pictures shown the people I mention just now.
1st picture: SS-photos with them from my phone.
2nd picture: credit to my sister's boyfriend. Mr Daniel Lim.
3rd picture: credit to my sister's boyfriend. Mr Daniel Lim.

Well.... these are the people who always mean to me, bully me or bully by me, gossip together, play with me. Even though that sometimes they are very MEAN >:( but still i love you all! xoxo
ps, you guys are VERY MEAN all the time.

well, besides that, I've celebrated my birthday with my family through a simple dinner. We went to The Chub's Grill in Karamunsing Capital. And then we went home for cake time!

xoxo, lovely 2013

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