Friday, 8 March 2013

close to me.

hello! I had been absent seriously a long time *wow* just feel like want to update things happened recently. Exam is coming soon, and our class is the only science class that all the teacher dislike us because we are being too lazy >:( anyway, we are now having a discipline week. All of us have to wear on necktie not only during assembly but whole day. Well, this is just fine because we look smart wearing on it but too bad, hot weather making me hate the necktie urgh. During this week, I didn't get any marks deducting so far.. hehehe. 1m1s and curriculum had started.. Curriculum is just..fine, like normal. 1m1s is now having team practicing just to prepare for the coming sports days on June. I join cheerleading in team orange. I feel excited hah yeah. My tuition is still the same, Malay, Physic and additional math. I feel like adding some others subject like Chemistry and History because I get to see all others people are like having tuition for the full week, and i'm like.. 3/7 hahaha just feeling guilty. 

* first monthsary gift *
8 March 2013: our first monthsary. and yes he is just too cute and too noob. i love you moon moon.

just showing a picture of my self. 
credits to: Daniel Lim.


  1. You had your SPM this year ? And anyway,happy first monthsary for both of you and your boyfriend ^_^

    1. Yes I'm having my spm this year. :/ oh gosh stress. Btw, thanks for your blessings <3