Sunday, 30 December 2012

Part 1: dropped by

hello! i had been absent for one month wow that's long and as well, school reopen soon! which i miss my besties and friends but not the teacher and the books. Time fly, i'm heading to SPM next year, which is the first most important and the hardest examination of my life, it decides my future. (and i realise im getting old, pssshh correction, becoming a lady heh \m/)

For December, I went to China and Hong Kong. I spent three weeks in China and one week in Hong Kong. Well, i did lots of shopping ._. AND AND AND H&M is my favorite shopping place :3 no i'm not shopaholic but i like to shop.. nvm. yes i am shopaholic and i'm proud of it.

In China, I spent time with my lovely daddy :3 i do miss him all the time! but the sad thing is, he has to work, so yeah the rest of time when he is working i went to walk or shop or whatever, with mom.
In Hong Kong, i non-stop eating because you know there's a lot of yummy food and i want to taste all of them. :/ hoepuly no gaining fats please. :( i have to go exercise when i back to kk! :)
Last thing, what I hate the most, is the citizen of both countries that is the citizens! They are very rude and they think they are very high class. pssh i'll slap you with my high heel (just saying) heh.

p.s. I will soon back to kk yay! i miss my bed so badly and my pretty room! :p well, a new experience gained, im in HK airport now and i'm gonna overnight here. heh because there's an early flight tomorrow heh :) photos will be soon post at next post!

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