Friday, 30 November 2012

fluffy fluffy snow

  So tomorrow is December! I'm so excited! Christmas coming ngaww. Christmas tree, gingerbread man, presents and snow! My favorite festival is Christmas! I'm so looking forward to it heh. So, as you can see, every December I'm going to China to visit my lovely daddy because he works there, including this year! My flight to China is on Sunday noon. Well, I kinda miss my friends in KK because I'm gonna stay in Beijing, China for one month! that's so loooooooong. :( Oh wait, I'm going to china for the first three weeks and the last week we are going to Hong Kong. omg SHOPPING. ngehehehehe. I'm gonna buy something cute and nice and somethings for my friends. A promise to them.

The weather in Beijing now is winter. I wish there will be snowing so I can have a white Christmas. I have now started my packing and I'm going to bring a lot of  "Malaysia's foods" for my daddy heh. And and and, tomorrow I'm going to have a gathering with my girls plus the gays (and omgomgomg breakingdawn2 breakingdawn2 breakingdawn2) been a month didn't see them. miss them to bits! oh well, there's another month without them. *sigh*

Stop here. Gonna have a lots of picture tomorrow and I will update soon for tomorrow. xoxo

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