Wednesday, 28 November 2012

A trip to Jakarta, Indonesia.

Hello lovely! I have been improving my blog for a week, but it seems like nothing change. Photobucket Well, nevermind! I will keep on trying. Photobucket

So this is a late post.. Holiday had started and in the second week I went to Jakarta for 5 days and 4 nights. (10 November 2012 - 15 November 2012) I went there with my mommy and all her friends (le aunty-aunty) and I am kinda alone.. Oh no wait, there's a boy that same age with me but we didn't talk during the whole trip. He is shy and so as I. So, for my comment, NO I DON'T LIKE THERE AND IT IS WORST. First, Jakarta is a place that had a lot of citizen. Well, it is too crowded so I'm not likey.  Second, food at there are same like malay food, all the rendang, curry, and more. Tour guide of us is great and a kind person but not well in introducing places or maybe because he introduce in malay that's why I didn't listen heh.

The first day we stayed in Jakarta, had a three hours flight and then we rush into the hotel. The second day, we went to the emas tour thingy. Sorry for not detail information. There's an event on going. I saw a lot of people wearing white and they're like having marathon, but some people are riding bike but some are walking. After that, we went around the Taman Mini by bus. Well, it is not mini. Buildings all around the Taman Mini.

Cute mommy :3 because of the hot weather hahaha

And then, we went to Bandung and stayed there for 2 nights. The next day, we went to a hot spring and strawberry farm! omg so cute. At last, we went to shopping before back to the hotel.

The fourth day, our free day. We went to the Plaza Indonesia and Grand Indonesia by taxi. A shopping day. So lets skip to the last day, our flight is at night. We went to the Jeans workshop and I finally bought my Levis jeans yay! been craving for a long time and then we went to a beach. Pretty scene there. At last, we went to the airport. Bye bye Jakarta! 
(ps. no there's no picture) 


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