Thursday, 24 March 2016

achievement 1

My achievement today:

I woke up late as I expected to wake up around 8 or 9. Failed; slept back. Made breakfast myself; typically just rotting the whole morning after i woke up.

My skin care gone bad; too dry. I really don't know how should I fix it. I'm currently using Ezarre (forgot how its spelling) cleanser, H+ toner + Simple toner, Innisfree orchid series moisturizer and melilea sunblock! My main problem now is 1) too dry 2) pores. My face is better now with pimples as compared before. (touchwood plz). I wanted to try Innisfree green tea series as its reviews was the bomb man. Also i really want to try taking mask everyday.

I registered with; I requested to be an Editor (well, writer in simplified). I can write all i want; any thing, any topic, and i get to paid for it yay! I was soooo into finding way to earn money (in a good way of coz).

Then I worked out. Blog today because I want to keep track on my work out plan and things i do so i wouldnt rot again. ha-ha.

I did some stretching and then this^, from facebook and an app called 7minutes stuff. I always save link from internet and till the time i want to work out, i dig them out and follow! Internet isn't always bad :3 

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