Sunday, 18 August 2013

a little walk; end of holiday

I live in Sabah, land under the sea, pretty scene surround.
Well hello! I went to the beach with my boyfriend to spend my nearly-end holiday on Saturday! We walked along the beach which is very romantic yet the weather is super hot! Rubbish cover the beach, urgh irresponsible people :( We took a lot of pictures, (mostly selfies (?)) but you can't take good pictures when you brought a annoying boyfriend, who likes to disturb you when you're taking a picture. Well, it happens a lot of times that day. Nice pictures, with a finger or a hand in the corner. Well, I still love him to the moon and back.

*photos speak*


My little warning alert rings, yeah, spm exactly countdown in 80 days. I am obviously not ready. I get pressure, every subjects are not cover yet and exam papers are returning tomorrow. THE STRESS. Can you feel it too, how afraid I am? I made up my mind, yes I have to study REALLY REALLY HARD. Mom said, "your future, porridge or rice?" I get frightened in a sudden. I will do it in action, well yeah firstly, I have to cut off all distraction, phone, internet and TV. Get a limit maybe? And after that, follow my study schedule. (I made one earlier, but I never follow it this is useless *kill myself*) Target: 8As & 2Bs at least. SO, I am much sorry to say, I will be blog-less for the coming 3 months. FIGHT FOR SPM. 

readers pray for me xx. enjoy!


  1. What camera are using here? ☺

  2. Awww, you guys look adorable and the photos are brilliant! ^_^

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    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

    1. thanks for your compliment ♡ ♡ ♡ visited your blog! so nice! keep in touch ;)

  3. You guys look adorable!
    How I wish the beach was just within reach in my location.

    Take care!:)

    1. yeah the scene is very very pretty especially the sunset! except for the rubbish :( thanks for your compliment! :3 do drop in my blog again! :)

  4. Good luck for your Spm examinations! I hope for the best ♥