Friday, 2 August 2013

a lil bitter


Bonjour! This will be a short update ;) I have been busying with my school stuffs so there's no time for me to blog. I DON'T MEAN TO NOT BLOG OKAY? :( Two weeks of examination just over. This is seriously freaking tired. Imagine 6 hours of continuos calculation in one day, I can't even. But yeah I just experienced that.

So here's come the 2 weeks holiday. Imma study, like seriously. 2 digits number of days to my important exam. Targeting a high good grade so that  I can get in a good university. Every readers please pray for me love you all xx. Last holiday I was doing a holiday challenges, but obviously it fails haha I stopped half way sorry :p well uhm not sure what to do in this holiday but it is pack with tuition :(

gonna set goals and make a to-do-list for a holiday! stay tune for next post! xx