Tuesday, 9 July 2013

long weekend

Hello lovely! Did you enjoy your last weekend? (awkward opening) Well I am. I enjoyed my last weekend much. Begin with Saturday! Our school's concert was held! That night was just so awesome! Lots of my friend get to perform that night but I didnt.. I always wanted to perform but end up.. *sobs sobs* So that day I sat upstairs with my boyfriend, and a bunch of close friends. Well, we are so noisy all the time lol hahaha. The most unforgettable show was the drama and the acapella and the band! Drama was so funny and retarded lol i laughed so hard during that and the acapella was so cooooool and the band so awesome. The modern dance was moderate, well for me, not so high. but well overall is greeat! Great job yo! Concert ended at 10.30 p.m and I get to go up to the stage afterwards and took some photos with the performers and some of my friend. 

* KKHS's concert night *

On Sunday, we went out to Suria Sabah with some of the classmates and we were wearing our class t-shirt! Ng Zin Ei, our ex classmate, had came back from Canada so we hang out to meet her! As I am not that close to her, but still I had some fun that day. We watched the movie "Monster University" which that's the second time i watched. Joanna is being so expert in driving, i am so jelly omg she is so steady gonna learn this from her aww.

* group photo after the movie *

Monday was a special holiday only for KKHighians! Teachers feeling pity for those who perform so hardly during the concert so they're giving us a holiday today to rest! (well also for those who didnt perform hehehe) So I decide to out with my boyfriend since it's our 5 monthsary (omg this is so fast) We went to Suria Sabah, again.. And he brought the souvenirs he bought for me from Singapore! So sweet of him. Since both of us enjoyed our weekend A LOT so we decided to study that day. We went to Sura Sabah's Fullhouse to study. I studied my biology and he had to rush his art works. :/

* us *

* things he bought for me from Singapore *

things he bought:
  1. Stitch hat (i bet he likes treating me as a kid)
  2. Paris iPhone casing 
  3. Running man badge (first collection omg)
  4. cookie monster hairband 
  5. "I love mustache" bag
  6. Panda JiaJia towel 
  7. a panda keychain 
lastly, I want to say I love him so much, and so my friends and family.

*enjoy reading!*


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