Wednesday, 4 January 2012

first day of school. 04 01 2012.

everyone is talking about 'the first day of school' in facebook. but i'm not, cause i have too lots to blame lol.
i'm in 4 Dinamik in this year, (or temporarily) but 4Dinamik is a commerce class, but what i want is science stream. so now i'm stuck in this class and i'm learning Perdagangan and Prinsip Akaun now lol damn it. unluckily, my science get B in PMR. shame on me, even thou Wooi Han gets A in science (he told me). what the hell is this school? give us a form to choose the subject we want, please lah i pass the requirement but still put me in the commerce class. damn it. booo u boooooooooo!

and as i expect, i have no friend same class with me. i mean close friend. so i'm sitting with Sze Ying today.

oh ya tomorrow assembly damn. gonna find out my necktie. :D
and cross country on next saturday (?) i think so. teacher said that.

lol my school is hell.

i remember what you said, your promises. so that i'm hurt now, because i remember too well.
no matter what i do, i always forget to forget you.

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