Saturday, 31 December 2011

In 2011

I had a lots of memories in 2011.

  • i meet more true friends. 
  • i studied in this year, seriously studied.
  • i get As on Chinese, Mathematic, English and Geography in PMR.
  • i get Bs on Science and Bahasa Malaysia. ( unexpected ) 
  • i get Cs on Sejarah and KHB.
  • at least i pass my PMR.
  • i have fun in the Program After PMR.
  • i started my guitar lesson.
  • i went to Singapore, especially Universal Studio.
  • i went to Taiwan
  • i went to Sunday School.
  • i had my confirmation.
  • i had my ambition, finally. but i will keep it as secret.
  • i started to love Jesus.
  • someone teaches me what is "care"and "true love". although i lost him. 
  • and more.

( now i realize that ah liew so cute oh in here. hahahahha)

few photos about this year. 

thanks god for helping me to grow. 
i learn a lots of thing in this year. 
someone teaches and self get it. 
i'm still strong.
i love you guys, for who i met in this year, and, i'll still loving you guys in 2012.
pray for the people who like, love, dislike, hate me. 

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