Tuesday, 18 June 2013

sport daee

Summer season in other country and my school's sport days was held! This year, I joined the orange house cheer team! We didn't get early practice before the competition *sigh* but sokay we rush in two weeks right before the sport days! The final year of high school, I finally took part during the sport days. I didnt took part in the previous year lol cuhs I dont know anything about sports.. *cries*

The sport days was held for 3 days which start from Wednesday until Friday. The first day was going so rough. Heavy rain in the afternoon and we have to make a roll call before the school ends and we haven't finish our practice! Second day was tiring but still okay and unluckily, i've missed all of my friends who are taking part in race or etc gosh

The marching and cheer team competition was on the last day which is on Friday. All the VIP came and took their seat. I was half nervous and half excited to perform on that day. Unfortunately, I took a little wrong step during the performance gosh (hoping no one would realize, yes, it is a very very very tiny mistake) and we didn't get any placing unexpectedly (thought we can had one) but at least, we still had fun and memory. <3 

Special thanks to our leader to make us strong, thanks to all my friends for making fun together, thanks to boyfie accompany me along the sport days and being my photographer.

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just having a little break and took this :p

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All photos are credit to Mr Alan Choi. 


  1. You have a lovely school. ^^ I can almost feel the school spirit from here!

    Hope you had a wonderful time with all your friends. ♥

    1. Thank you so much <3 ngaw your compliment warm me so much :') hope you do enjoy reading my blog! :3

  2. your editing is amazing! What do you use? Any apps? Thanks in advance ^^ ♥