Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Holiday Photo-Challenges: selfie

" Everyone needs a little changes everyday."
photo above: awkward smile, absolutely.

Today's title: selfie.
Selfie: take photo of yourself. For all of the people around me would know I'm the kind of selfie-girl. I bet most of the girls out there like to take photos of themselves. I remember some of the people, like my mom and some of the guy friends seriously had no idea why I would like to take selfie so much and they even say "omg, again?" whenever I started to take photo of myself, yeah AGAIN. But in another way, I'm glad that my boyfriend is the kind of selfie-boy :3

For my reason, firstly, photography is one of my hobby, so I am the model for myself.. hah this is kinda funny. considered as a reason i think (?) secondly, it helps to enhance my confidence to everything because I'm the person who lack of confidence.. thirdly, this is kinda lame, but to be honest, to update my social network such as, Facebook, Twitter and especially Instagram but my Instagram is getting too much my selfie, gonna post other things else than selfie aha. Well lastly, to make me happy.

So hey! everyone who think that taking selfie is kind of bad habit, look at my explanation! maybe it could change your mind. (?) this is lame post gonna cry in a corner.