Saturday, 2 June 2012

30 05 2012. Kasih Sayang Resort.

It's holiday! So we went to Kasih Sayang Resort for like only 1 hour only. Nice view but bored. The way to Resort and funny. While we going up and almost reached (sorta) to the Resort, daddy said," I think the car is lack of energy." so we went down again to Manggatal's petrol station. Well, enjoyed the family time in the car! hahahahaha. After the Kasih Sayang Resort. We decided to go 1Borneo for shopping! Because we had nothing else to do. And then, it was like 4 or 5 pm. we went to Suria again. Freaking tired! hahahahahah but cool huh.

If you don't know what is rabbit, here's one,

*dumb face.

on the way to Resort. We saw this. Nice ;)

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