Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Gong Xi Fatt Cai :D

* my brother spoiled my photo D:

*  20 January. It was a wedding dinner of Chris and Ann. 

* 21 January. Went to Pulau Manuka with my cousin.


*Bunny :D

 * Vincent Lim.

this was 'design' by Vincent or i call him as ' Ayam' :D he keep on saying " i'm a designer !! "

* it was 年初一 :D the very first time i wore Cheong Sam. :D 
and "dong dong qiang" was invited to my auntie's house. and i saw Vincent Lim. and this lion dance team was weird, got Bunny ._. HAHAHA 

年初二。playing fireworks at my auntie's house.

年初三。we went to Beaufort. My daddy's hometown.

年初四。 Visited Alan's house :)

年初五。Open house.

it is a short update. i lazy to type. i am dating with my homework :( 

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