Friday, 7 October 2011

my day 07 10 2011

PMR is still on going, but Sejarah and Malay had over. quite relax now :D
from my friend's answer, my sejarah seems like pass already (wish so) . but SOMEONE kan, keep say something like i wont pass this that. SOMEONE kan, go die please :D

today lower form had no class, but i went to school at 8 o'clock something. to take 1Malaysia netbook. and idk why i'm the one of it. okkk i'm lucky :)

and we're a group of friends sitting at the last roll of dewan. with soon yie, joanna, chua, sze ying, vincent, wei han and lots. we keep make noise and dk what are they talking about. lols. fun day :)

the netbook :) 

photo sharing, above was the day we go library for study. actually is playing hah. with claudia, soon yie, joanna, kelvin and lots.

i'm happy now. a lots of friend i can play with. :)

i swear, it will be.
the last tear for you. 20110923

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