Saturday, 23 April 2011

Love Jesus had no wrong :)

We are the reason that He gave His life.
We are the reason that He suffered and died.
To a world that was lost He gave all He could give.
To show us the reason to live.
thank you, Jesus .
Amen .

22 April 2011.
Yesterday, good friday.
I'm attending the event in church.


I spent for half day at church.
from 6:30 till 12:00

it costs RM2. And everyone need to buy it.
I didn't take picture during the event, I left my phone at the class. zz
I really had a lot of fun at there. Although I'm tired.

learn a lot of things about Him. And it makes me love Him more than yesterday.


After August, end of Sunday school, I think I'll miss the time before I spent at there. I don't wish the date so fast to come. :/


Someone, I don't know why my heart pain sometimes. When I step into our memories, I can't stop thinking the sweetness between us. Although I know it's end. And I treat you as friend already. You're my nothing, I'm your nothing. You're not my taste, I'm not your taste. I'm strong, I didn't cry for you anymore. I know we totally end. Wanna say, my heart are still beating for you, my heart still pain because your hurt. How much " I DON'T WANT" also cant let me stop thinking what about us.

Erase the past. Erase everything between us. Erase the memories. Erase 2010. We totally are nothing now. I don't know how to near you already. I'm still everyday have a look to your profile. I hide all of your things. I don't dare to touch it. I scare that I hurt again. No matter it's a things, or word. I ignore to touch, see. No longer, It will disappear from my mind. I know it will be a long way to walk out. You're hard to forget. I'm always smile and laugh in front of many people, I'm scare when they ask me " what happen to you?" I don't want to answer " because HIM" . I'm hurt for listening your name.

Always, a feel wanna tell you, I'm so miss you, or , I still love you. But I can't. I don't have that chance anymore and never. Womeiyouzhige. I knew you won't touch or care my thing anymore. Cause you love other already, truely. We're friends but strange, we're stranger but friend.I know no one will care about what I write in my blog, no one will scold me because I write something not good in my blog.

I really wish I still have a chance to tell you that, I LOVE YOU. Hey boy, why are you so hard to forget? :/

Seriously, I don't wish you to see this. :(

Friends, I'm sorry I'm not that three years ago Vivian. Maybe because a relationship make me change a lot. really a lot. I change to a people that you guys don't know, even he also left me, even MYSELF also hate this kind of me. I changed, I lost many of you.
:'/ Friends, I'll change but not change back to few years ago that me, not now's me too. A NEW ME. really. Please know me for the second times, understand me for the second times. A chance to give me to change.
A whole new VIVIAN LO JUN YEE.

I cried when I wrote this. I don't know why. Tears out suddenly. I just feel that I'm worst now. no matter facing what ways. :(

Guys, I love you. Seriously. :')